However, this type of resin has a negative point: the difficulty in applying it and its smell, which is stronger than that of the others.

The epoxy needs to be mixed with the right amount of catalysts, which guarantee the hardening of the paint layer. Therefore, it is recommended to always hire a specialized professional for the application of this type of resin. In metal painting, paints such as enamel, oil or automotive paint are recommended . Automotive paint is made for spray application, but its chemical composition is very good, ensuring higher quality. It can withstand heat and drying is fast, but it is more expensive than the others.

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When painting metal, it is important to remove all rust with sandpaper and apply a remover to remove any oil or grease. The best technique for painting wood is with spray paint, a distance of 50 cm from the object, always going in parts. However, if you don’t want to use spray, oil paints and synthetic enamel are also good options. As with metals, before painting any piece of wood, you need to sand the surface ,
leaving it smooth. Then, pass the sealer that fills the channels of the wood, to ensure that it is uniform, and sand again.

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